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Community Involvement

CARE's involvement in their local community

JUNE 2021 was a busy month! 

CARE held its first-ever health fair recognizing International NASH day.  This morning was free and open to our patients who have participated in our clinical trials and their friends and family.  Activities included blood pressures and other vital signs, blood sugar checks, bone densities, carotid artery scans, and liver ultrasounds.  CARE staff played cornhole and had snacks with the attendees.  Dr. Ritter had an "Ask Dr. Ritter" table and recruitment talked about what trials we are currently conducting and what was coming up.  We had 6 "CARE" baskets as door prizes.

Also in June, CARE recognized the longest day of the year in honoring our participants and their caregivers affected by Alzheimer's disease.  CARE's AD team gave out Forget-Me-Not flower seed packets, specialty cookies to patients, magnets to their caregivers reminding them they are superheroes!  The AD team handed out 400 Forget-Me-Not seed packets to our community at the local Kroger.  We lit up our sign with purple spotlights and hung our "We CARE about ending Alzheimer's" banner.

OCTOBER 2021--Happy Fall Y'all

CARE is participating in downtown Gainesville's SQUAREcrow contest.  Staff chose Grogu, Baby Yoda, to represent our office.  Center for Advanced Research & Education (CARE) is excited to take their "CAREcrow" to the square! Baby Yoda says, "You know what is not scary, CLINICAL TRIALS!" Clinical trials are the primary way to find out if a new treatment (medication, diet, medical device) is safe and effective. CARE is accepting new participants; your participation is FREE. Contact us to see if you are a good match for one of our trials. "This is the way...CLINICAL TRIALS!"  We will post the link soon to the SQUAREcrow Facebook page so you can vote for CARE's display.

On October 23, 2021, CARE staff will be participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Athens GA.  Be on the lookout for pictures and a recap of the event.

Also in October, CARE staff had a Pumpkin decorating contest.  Winners have been declared!  2nd and 3rd place votes were decided by patients coming into the building and social media and 1st place vote was by our "local celebrities."  Staff had a great time showing their creative sides.