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Virtual Dementia Experience

Virtual Dementia Experiences

CARE has a phenomenal program for dementia care staff, caregivers, or those who are interested in learning what 12 minutes in the life of an aging person with dementia is like. Below are comments from attendees based on their experience. Click HERE to see a slideshow of the experience. If you are interested in having a virtual dementia experience, contact Tina Foreman @ 470-623-0732 or

"I couldn't even think about turning on the lights to help me see where I was going."

"This needs to be mandatory for all employees."

"I see now why some of our residents seem so agitated."

"This was eye-opening for me."

"I felt helpless."

"I didn't realize how frustrating it would be unable to see."

"I understand why my grandpa hates his hearing aids. He complains about the noise."

"How can it be so hard to remember 7 tasks?!?!?"

"I had no idea our patients went through this."

"That was awful.  The constant noise was distracting."

"This is so important for us to go through."

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